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​“Gus is an experienced and talented technologist and leader. That’s easy to see by looking at his profile. But words are easy things to put in a profile. The excellence really comes out in the experience of working with Gus. Three areas in particular stand out. First, his ability to be dynamic in project leadership by letting the team do their job. Gus lets leaders lead but, because of his experience and knowledge, knows precisely when to provide that nudge in the right direction to ensure success. Second, his knowledge of the technology landscape. Gus is one of those people who has “been there, done that.” Nothing’s going to slip by him or surprise him. That quality alone brings a huge measure of confidence to every organization that Gus leads. Finally, and probably most importantly, Gus has the personal qualities that make people want to work for him and with him. Personable, kind, tough when he needs to be, but still the guy you’d love to follow. I heartily recommend Gus as a leader, as a technologist, and as a friend

Jeff Rubingh,Digital Solutions Director


I have advised and led initiatives for approximately 100 companies in 13 years of working for mid-tier consulting companies such as Slalom Consulting, Hitachi Consulting, and Grant Thornton.  In this capacity, I regularly met with corporate upper management to present solutions and drive critical strategic initiatives.

Experience Summary


I've had 12 years experience leading IT organizations as large as 400 individuals as a Vice President for Mercury Insurance, a provider of Property and Casualty Insurance in 13 states, First American Title, a provider of property settlement services throughout North America, and Coldwell Banker Relocation Services


I've had the good fortune to have worked for consulting firms, fortune 500 companies, and in the defense sector throughout my career.  This special blend of experience has provided me an ability to tackle and lead difficult projects, lead large commericial enterprises and advise over 100 companies since my career inception, as a consultant in various industries from strategy through execution of many key initiatives.    


I have 11 years experience working for Logicon, Inc (A Northrop Grumman) where I was developer and manager of many IT projects.  Logicon provided foundational experience that translates well to large project leadership.  I also had the good fortune of selling and leading commercial projects with them for a number of years. 

“Gus and I worked together on several projects at BDO Seidman/Wavebend LLC. I always enjoyed the "no nonsense", practical approach Gus employs and learned a great deal about how to effectively manage the inevitable risks and challenges that come”
Jeff Paradowski, Enterprise Transformation Driver; Technology Strategist; Managing Director at Alvarez & Marsal
"Gus, when the name comes to me, as an astounding leader, a great mentor, friend and at the same time highly results focused. He has been one of the greatest influences on me when I worked for him and I have learned a lot from him. He is one of the greatest of the leaders to work for and I feel proud to have worked for him."
Rajeev Singh, Vice President and Chief Delivery Officer at The Minacs Group
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